about us

About us

Foundation Deegaan is a non-profit organization that was established in 2010 to support the needs of the Diaspora and supports them through integration into the Dutch society.

We are the bridge between immigrants and Dutch society. We support immigrants through awareness and education, allowing them to integrate better within Dutch society. On the other hand, we want to respond to the needs of Somali people in Somalia to build capacity within the Somali communities to improve people skills and by promoting Diaspora’s role in contributing to social development in Somalia.

Main objectives of the organization
• Improving the well-being of the Somali people in Somalia by improving their living conditions.
• Striving for sufficient food, clean drinking water, good and reachable primary health care and educational supplies.
• Motivating Somali refugees to participate actively in Dutch society.
• Informing the Dutch public about the situation in Somalia.

Our vision

Changing the face of poverty and hunger in Somalia and develop programs to encourage community capacity building skills, to improve knowledge sharing and resources that provide equal opportunity for all the Somali people.

The target goals of the organization

  • Empower human rights protection and advocacy to improve the prevailing of peace and stability in human life system.
  • Promote health, Education, and skills capacity building to advance creativity and human resource development.
  • Promote gender equality and child protection to improve human equality and equal opportunity distribution.
  • Establish positive exploitation of natural and man-made resources to advance economic progress and livelihoods of marginalized communities through the facilitation of the target development projects found best in promoting.