Somalia is suffering a severe crisis of drinking water as most of the population in villages and cities do not have access to clean drinking water  Somalia is among the most affected African countries with drinking water problems despite the singing of natural water resources.
Based on this the Foundation Deegaan has given great attention in this area to bring clean drinking water to tens of thousands of these thirsty and their livestock.

In 2016 Foundation Deegaan helped the local population of Hanan Buure and bowde dhogore with the repair of water reservoirs and distributed goats.
Berked in 2016 Foundation Deegaan started a project in Somalia where we repaired barked. Barked is large reservoirs that are crucial for survival in the dry periods of Somalia.
In Somalia goats are very important, they provide milk and later also meat. During drought, many of these animals die, which also puts human lives at risk.



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