Good-Governance Program

Foundation Deegaan program will have an integrated, comprehensive introductory and operationally oriented approach, of the important issue of governance and its linkage with sustainable human development, with objective to development capacities that are needed to realize development that gives...

Capacity Building Program

Foundation Deegaan Facilitates material, individual and institutional capacity building of local community groups, Community-based Organizations and Local Non-Governmental Organizations engaged in Somalia. The long-term aim of Organizational Development and Capacity Building (CB) is to create strong and sustainable organizations able...
Foundation Deegaan conducts research studies on themes related to Education, Health, Good-Governance, Gender, Institutional Capacity Building, and Livelihoods. It will establish Community Information Resource Center that collects stores and disseminates material resources on various themes of community development that...

Network and Collaboration

Foundation Deegaan already created and maintains the collaboration of governmental, private, non-profit institutions and communities at large in Somalia to promote the issue of human capacity building approaches to development.

What we do

global and development education intercultural dialogue and integration work with children and youth integration projects for migrants and refugees creating assistance center for mixed couples and their children Humanitarian aid for Somalia and other developing countries to and...
Foundation Deegaan adopts the Hygiene Improvement Framework (HIF) which states hygiene improvement (and hence health benefits to society) arise when three things are in place: Hygiene promotion; Improved access to hardware for water supply, sanitation and hygiene; and Environment...
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