We partner with 5 rural primary schools and the high school they feed into, in the remote area of Galmudug.
This collaboration involves about 2000 students and 85 teachers. We facilitate weekly Creative Youth and Teacher Empowerment workshops, to help them develop enthusiasm and confidence in their education and vision for their personal future, to support them in unfolding their own potential and becoming a positive role model for their communities.
We support the teachers in learning to cultivate a positive classroom culture, in which, despite the adverse conditions in which they find themselves in, they can develop empowering and supportive relationships with the children. This leads to mutual increased efficiency and joy in learning and develops personal creativity, peace, and confidence. And there is so much more that is in the pipeline.

Creative Youth Empowerment
Here we nurture empathy, sense of community, respect, enthusiasm for learning, skills of critical thinking and active discussion. Play, creative art, experiential learning, and meditation unlock the participants’ talents and potential.

Creative Teacher Empowerment
This programmer empowers educators with both personal and teaching skills. This enhances their scope and increases their confidence, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching. The programmer deepens their impact on youth.


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