Here in Holland we give refugees advise, information and coaching in how they can participate in Dutch society and organize courses in the Dutch language. We inform the Dutch public about the situation in Somalia and expressing the Somali culture through music, arts and etc,

In the Netherlands, we encourage the community through encouraging young people to learn more about different cultures from around the world. In past years, we have run a lot projects for youth orientated topics such as food, music, and fashion, which are used to spread a greater understanding and acceptance of world cultures through their community. In addition, young people are welcome to volunteer at our office in the Netherlands to offer opportunities to learn essential workplace skills and gain experience for future careers.

This is how we achieve:

  • Integration projects for migrants and refugees
  • Work with youth at risk
  • Intercultural dialogue and integration
  • Training and coaching youth
  • supporting immigrants and establishing understanding in host countries


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