The civil war in Somalia was officially over but real peace in this country has been not achieved. Foundation Deegaan is committed to helping the local population to make peace with each other. FoundationDeegaan has established peace committees, made up of people from the local communities.

These ensure peace-building and conflict mediation Lia today It is needed both the people to resolve their own conflict on their ways and their own homegrown methods. Women in Somalia should be a tool of building the peace and prosperity in Somalia other than women which should be superior in peace building process but also men should take their part and this needs many expenses, studies, researchers and overall understandings of how the peace should be returned to the home and how should we build sustainable peace? Peacebuilding in Somalia involves a great number and variety of stakeholders – starting with the citizens of the Country where peacebuilding is underway. It is neither a purely political, security nor developmental process, but one that must bring together security, political, economic, and social and human rights elements in a coherent and integrated way.

While building peace & Conducting reconciliation it is essential to be used these mechanisms:

1} Truth

Truth can only save Somalis and Somalia. Revamping states as a federal or creating some institution for the interest of a group or a clan is definitely Unacceptable and far from the truth. Transparency is needed and social truth worthy. Similarly, clarity is needed of many issues such as the governance, Portfolios and the ministries and understanding that all these institutions are serving for the Country, not for the interest of a tribe or a specific group.

2} Mercy

Building peace needs mercy from the peace builders and the society also overall it’s pragmatically needed forgiveness from the overall society, Compassion and supports whether it is social or socio-psychological support.

4} Justice

Justice has to be a pillar in building peace such war-torn country where conflict-ravaged and prolonged for more than two decades it is important to gain Equality regarding the economic, social, political, philosophical and cultural generally. Restitution and rights of the society is necessary to be gained or acquired and in Somalia its serious issues and hot topic when it comes to give and gain rights from or within the Somali Society.

5} Peace

Peace can only come where the values of unity and its importance are known and where harmony, respect, and Wellbeing are the critical points to be raised while building peace in Somalia. There is the host of Somali laws known as xeer which can be part of the peacebuilding process In Somalia.

Providing training and skills building to the ex-combatants and creating jobs and other good and convincing initiatives and giving long-term support to the warlords, ex-combatants and child soldiers from the civil society, media, human right bodies is better but unfortunately it is not applied still in Somalia but the initiatives of CRD and CCD are better and forth valuable.


Somalis are one of the poorest people in the world but Somalia is a rich country with a bundle of natural resources. Developmentally many countries which have less resource than Somalia are ten times richer and prosperous than Somalia such as Japan and Ukraine. The Recent United Nations documents on “human development,” emphasized and measured by life expectancy, adult literacy, access to all three levels of education, as well as people’s average income which is a necessary condition of their freedom of choice. In a broader sense, the notion of human development incorporates all aspects of individuals’ well-being, from their health status to their economic and political freedom and many other indicators tells that Somalia had since years the lowest record. The newly elected federal government should set clear and sustainable developmental objectives, Goals and its accomplishment Plans for the country and these objectives should be basically researched and analyzed properly and then executed gradually. It is important to set these objectives and then pursued

1} Security

Without security for the people and the state, the economy and public services cannot

Function and positive peace cannot be achieved. The state needs to be able to protect itself and its territory from internal and external challenges by establishing a monopoly over the legitimate use of force. A responsible and accountable security sector is also essential for building the legitimacy of the state in the eyes of the population. Critically, the governed should have confidence that they will be protected by the police, the military and the justice system. Effective support to security sector reform requires coordination between developments, Diplomacy and defense actors. It also requires a focus on accountability and oversight of Security functions. This may involve working with state and non-state security systems Such as informal policing structures and community safety groups and on the links between Security and justice institutions, to ensure the system works as a whole but all this is missing in not only Somalia but all the conflict ravaged states such as Afghanistan, Iraq and DRC etc.

2} Economic Development

There is extreme poverty and mid 2011 the world witnessed one of the worst famines in the History of Somalia. If stability is ever to hold and reconstruction is to be sustainable, then effort must focus on rebuilding the livelihoods and economic development capacity of conflict-impacted communities. Unemployment ravaged the youth and creating jobs and severely fighting with the inflation, rebuilding the socioeconomic base, infrastructures, ports and airports is widely needed and it is part of the economic growth and the stability of effective War torn country. Acquiring one and government managed currency and proper taxation system is also one of the key elements which are needed similarly strengthening the central bank is a good source for economic development.

3} Social Development

The focus of the Education, public infrastructure & health sectors should be one of the promising objectives of the country. Women are the only sources of social development and building the status and integrity of the women in the country is better alternative similarly women were in the last 20 years the only source for the existence of the society they were peace builders, local diplomats and social workers. The society is part of the public and responding to the public need and expectations is an asset for any government whether it is responding the educational needs or health needs and there should be strong state-society relationship. The state should provide social security, justice and law and social development.

4} Governance & Public Policy Development

Since the independence Somalia’s governance was not good and there was corruption, tribalism, nepotism, mismanagement and bad governance and overwhelmingly after the state collapse Somalia had world’s worst governments but it is very essential for Somalis to notice and know the value of government, state structure, Political pluralism, fair elections, power sharing, constitution and democratization.


Many countries which are African such as sierra Leone, DRC, Liberia, Angola, and Non African states such as Nepal, Iraq, Kosovo and even Globally or historically such countries Like China or USA Recovered from Conflicts and wars and developed and they are leading today the world similarly Somalia can take the steps they took earlier and pursue golden goals and develop and the lessons from the Somali Conflict can be part of its history and will be taught the next Somali generation and this can happen only if we leave and burn the disease of tribalism.


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