Seeding green communities
environmental education and practical sustainability skills to culturally and communities of workshops and outdoor activities to raise their awareness and skills to live more sustainably and to care for the local environment In collaboration with Adaado City Council, we want to make a difference to the lives of children, families,And it’s a fun and educational activity to do with kids, too. Here’s why… the groups have been learning practical skills in saving energy, conserving water and managing household waste, and they will also visit local natural areas to build community connectedness and to gain a greater appreciation of the local environment.
Why We Should Plant More Trees
As we learned in third-grade biology, trees are essential to life. They create the very air we breathe and filter air pollution.

What you may not know is that trees also build soil and help soak up stormwater before it can create a flood, and they offer energy-saving shade that reduces global warming and creates habitat for thousands of different species. Trees also help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas.

Most importantly, trees sequester carbon, helping to remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which cools the earth. In fact, a mature canopy tree absorbs enough carbon and releases enough oxygen to sustain two human beings!

The carbon storage capacity of forests is approximately three times as large as the pool of carbon in the atmosphere. If forests are changed, reduced, or eliminated, the captured carbon goes into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2).

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