Foundation deegaan

Changing the Face of Poverty and Hunger in Somalia

Who We Are

Foundation Deegaan is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 to support needs of the Diaspora and support them in finding their way in Dutch society.

We are the bridge between immigrants and Dutch society. We support immigrants culturally and allowing them to integrate better within Dutch society. On the other hand, we want to respond to the needs of Somali people in Somali in build capacity within the Somali communities improves human skills and promoting Diaspora’s role in contributing to social development in Somalia

Our Approach

Our Strategies

– Improve community mobilization and sensitization to create awareness and advance behavior change through carrying out community based consultation Workshops and decision making seminars ranging from grass-root district level to national level;

– Improve identification and planning of regional development capacity building programs helpful in supporting regional economic tranquility protection in line with the national development policy;

– To Promote facilitation of identified progressive development plans helpful in raising community life-style and living-system from lower standards to higher standard of dignity and comfort

– To Promotion of health and protection of infectious and non-infectious diseases By promoting of health education programs and proper treatment.

– To promote primary education schools books pens and seek grants in school aged girls and boys


— Our Vision

Changing the face of poverty and hunger in Somalia to develop programs capacity build human skills to improve sharing knowledge and resources that provides equal opportunity for all Somali people.


— Our Main objective

• Improving the wellbeing of people in Somalia by improving then living conditions.

• Striving for sufficient food, clean drinking water, and qualitative good and reachable health care and educational supplies. 

• Motivating Somali refugees to participate actively in the Dutch society.

• Informing the Dutch public about the situation in Somalia.