Training the youth on entrepreneurial skill
Most of the youth in town are unskilled. Most don’t have enough knowledge on enterprise development, petty trading, and related activities. Some have skills but their knowledge is limited. Besides, they have no start-up capital. Therefore, training on business development and going to the envisaged business of their interest is the first step. The main objective of the project is to reduce the unemployment rate and to raise the education of young inhabitants of Mogadishu and Benaadir region. The means to achieve that goal is the idea of a carpentry workshop and proper center for vocational training. The workshop and a center for development of Carpentry Skills should be bound together. The workshop makes it possible to learn practical skills and provides income which will extend the existence of the center.
Provided with modern equipment and skilled staff, the workshop is going to be one of the most beneficial workshops for vocational training, where innovative technologies are applied. The educational center for vocational training will provide theoretic basis and practical carpentry skills (for 80 participants a year) on a level enabling them to obtain the state vocational certificate.


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